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Dealing with snarled traffic, bad weather, or restless passengers can be taxing but they won’t necessarily stop you from getting to your destination. However, would you be able to deal with an emergency on the road?

You can handle car trouble better if you are prepared. This means knowing what to do if you have a minor accident or a vehicle breakdown.

Six Things You Should Have On Your Next Road Trip:

  1. Roadside assistance plan. A plan gives you peace-of-mind in case you lock your keys in your car, have a dead car battery or run out of gas.
  2. Owner’s manual. It’s the go-to source to learn how to change a flat tire, identify a check engine light or tell you what type of oil to use.
  3. Notebook and pen or pencil. Smart phones can do the job too, however if the battery is dead, you’ll need pen and paper to record information if you’re involved in an accident.
  4. Emergency LED road flare. These are more visible, reliable and safer than old school flares.
  5. A cell phone. Don’t forget to bring along a back up battery or car charger.
  6. Driving directions and map. Having GPS in your car or phone is great but what if it fails? It’s a good idea to have a printed map just in case.